It's not such a mystery


a sparse smattering of pictures from last weekend before the elbow show: a day spent with sushi and maura and then bill showed up for the concert. during which: the lead singer looked directly at me for "switching off" and handed the mic to bill to sing a line of the chorus on another song.

the following sunday night was the yeah yeah yeahs at first ave. maura and I left our friends to spend a solid sweaty hour dancing/ being crushed to death. conclusion: karen O is a total hottie and my new hero.

then i found $20.

i mean, then on thursday night bily calls from fargo and shows up at carleton 4 hours later. trees were hugged. bad ideas were had (ice cream on a rainy day). questionably good plots were hatched (hitchhiking to tennesee anyone?) battle of the bands was judged and enjoyed. skittles were eaten and tossed into the crowd below. the end <3

wandering around after the show


the ascott room of quest club - full of sad old hipsters.
conclusion: growing up is hard to do

skepticism outside espresso royale

weird face.


i went over 100 mph on a motorcycle yesterday.

and this morning I found out for sure that i'll be in australia/ new zealand next winter.

and later in the afternoon, was asked to be a judge of battle of the bands.

life is absolutely brilliant.


oh em effin' g. I updated.

"anthems for a seventeen year old girl" is killing me right now. You can get in moods sometimes where a truly delicious song will want to make you explode. Spring is pretty much here, despite what those used to warmer climates might argue. So it's pretty muddy and the worms are drowning on the sidewalks. But its effin' fantastic because I can run outside and not suffer with hat hair and on some mornings the local malt-o-meal company makes the whole town smell like imitation cocoa puffs. Actually, you can't even tell its not the real thing.

Ben just left after a weekend chilling in Minnesota. The usual tours were given of carleton and the cities, and we spent some quality time with Maura on her birthday as well. I can never remember to charge my camera so he probably has all the good pictures, but better things are to come when I get all these rolls of film developed.

Happy spring. walk barefoot. wallow in mud. run naked, or some other such hippie sht. :D

<3 Mimi

strategically composed photo


casey and I decided eating twigonometry would be good since they're taking it down anyways. my lighter was empty otherwise we could have made several lovely bonfires of them.

mmmm twigonometry. delicious.

hide and seek

casey and her two mismatched mittens. sitting in the newspaper stand of course


ben and kenley waiting for cookies at dacie moses

look better, feel better

sick bill hanging out on the sidewalk as iris takes his picture


gandha is molesting rafiq this time, in broad daylight on central ave.

maura wearing chris's extreme cold face mask

mike, shannon, and max in a fake phone booth outside the pub in winnipeg


maura and gandha are everyday people